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Marital Bliss

Have you ever sat down and thought about the evolution of marriage? If we take a quick look, It seems very unreal to say that marriage does and as changed over the last centuries. There was a time where married couples took the time to write love letters, there was a time where married couple took the time to go out. But as the world around us evolved, so did technology. As technology evolved, it became easier to do daily errands. But at the same time, it made us â€Å"lazar, which had an effect on those wow were married.No longer did marriage become meaningful. Nowadays everybody is focused on their phones and on looking at the ways other people live through social media. Being married in the 21st century often means having to deal with a vast majority of problems. With so many changes occurring around us constantly, it becomes hard to avoid the factors that affect us. Now, everyone seems to be focused on social media and about the life's of others rather than caring for each other . People are also sought up always being busy with work and errands.Another factor that affects marriage in the 21st century Is also the children, with ore and m ore marriages between people with different culture take place, It become very hard to raise a child If It the cultural aspects collapse. Yet, another reason why marriage In the 21 SST century doesn't work out s because people get married because they are afraid of being alone. Instead of marrying the ones they really love, they get engaged with the men they don't. USE SOURCE 2 Arguments begin to arise when couples no longer pay attention to each other.Often times the other partner begins to feel insecure about themselves or they may begin to question homeless if they are doing a good Job on being married. A new concept that has been introduced within marriage is called marital bliss. Marital bliss is the belief that marriages can be saved and worked out if they follow certain steps and rules in order to maintain happiness and peace. Like Renee Clouding Hanson, Ph. D. , said, If marriages are worked out together by both partners It will thrive but if not It will fall. 3) Certain ways to produce a marital bliss Is to have good communication, to listen to the partner, think It through before something Is said. The concept of marital bliss, Is n effective way of having a happy marriage, not only that but it can help save a marriages as well. Although this can be done, at the long run it depends f the married couple really want to be together or not. It is known relationships are not perfect and are not always effective. In life one is bound to have problems.Specifically, people have their differences and once they don't agree on something it builds a sense of inequalities and BLANK. It is said that problems are only meant to make two people stronger but for some other people, having arguments and inequalities destroy a relationship. Something that has been introduced to an engaged couple is prenuptial co ntracts. Prenuptial agreements Is defined as â€Å"a contract between two people who are about to marry regarding their respective property and support rights upon termination of the marriage by divorce or death, and sometimes regarding property rights during the marriage†. 1 Prenuptial agreement should definitely be allowed to consult upon marriage. As the had an agreement as to what will take place after the divorce, rather than having constant arguments. Thus this prenuptial agreement, is a good idea, it can also send message to married people that it is alright to become divorce if in fact they already have the aftermath settled. In reality, this prenuptial agreement should not affect a marriage if it is tee love that they have most each other.Should engaged couples be able to sign the prenuptial agreement? Yes they should because instead of people having a marital bliss, they should face reality and understand that not all marriages work out perfectly. And instead of hav ing a bigger problem once already divorced about the property, an agreement should be made before. If the love is real, then having sign the prenuptial agreement should not really affect the way the marriage works out. What is marital bliss?Becoming ignorant and not facing the real problems in front of you and conforming oneself with being happy. Should you experience inequality within a marriage? Inequality and arguments are something that should definitely be present in a marriage. Married people are not 100 percent the same, or share the same likes or dislikes and might even disagree in many things, so it is important to have inequalities with in a marriage and solve them after to only make the relationship stronger. What does it mean to choose a marriage partner in the 21st century?

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Model Law on International Contracting Essay

Introduction E-commerce in commodity goods has existed for decades. Electronic contracts provided a new mechanism to form a relationship via Internet and now we see many commodity products being exchanged daily on the Web. The contract can respond not only to the parties but to changing conditions of some kind and then inform the parties of these new events or conditions. The electronic contract, in other words, connects the parties to each other and, if desired, to other people and to other sources of information in ways that are difficult to imagine with paper. Time, like space, seems to be out of place or even absent in the internet environment. Consequently, different jurisdictions and different laws have challenged some contract issues. Therefore, with the advent of the Web as the new commercial medium, traders and buyers alike should be aware of some basic principles of contract formation and how they apply to Web transactions. Mostly, the approved rules of paper contract continue to hold up in a purely internet exchange between parties to an agreement. The law does, however, draw the line at certain kinds of transactions which must be fulfilled. It is important before considering the particularities of the online world, to take a step back and examine contractual formation via Internet which is the background against which the relevant rules to the online world were established. Today all developed countries try to create a ‘uniform commercial code’ for business over the Internet. The purpose of this is to design a uniform legal structure for electronic commercial bargains world-wide. Steps in this direction have been taken by the UNCITRAL Model Law on International Contracting, English Law, and the CISG Convention, which has developed a â€Å"model law on electronic commerce† for international contracts in electronic commerce. This work will consider rules and standards for electronic contract performance, define what constitutes valid electronic writing and the acceptability of electronic signatures for legal and commercial purposes under abovementioned laws. It will also discuss the main forms of contracts via Internet and define problems that appeared in the formation of electronic contract today. 3. Formation of contract over Internet 3. 1 The offer 3. 1. 1 Under English Law In English law an internet contract via a website is formed after an offer – a determinate indication of the terms on which the offeror is prepared to be legally bound – is accepted by the offeree – the person to whom the offer has been made . If the email of acceptance does not vary the terms fixed in the email of offer, a contract will be formed by the second email. An offer may be to the world in general – in which case anyone may accept it – or to a particular person – in which case only they can accept it . At English law, a contract is concluded when an offer is accepted. Although this rule appears simple, there have been many conflicts over how to distinguish and identify invitations to treat, offers and acceptances. English common law traditionally classifies an offer as a statement by one party of his or her willingness to enter into a contract on stated terms, provided that these terms are accepted by the party to whom the offer is addressed; whereas an invitation to treat is simply an expression of willingness to enter into discussion which, it is hoped, will lead to the conclusion of a contract at a later date . Therefore advertisement of goods on the website will come only to an invitation to treat. Only when a buyer notifies about his intention to buy something from the site, the offer will only be formed. After this the seller can accept or refuse that offer. Under English Law an offer must be clear and complete and afford a distinct indication of the offeror’s intents . The offer must contemplate acceptance and a consequent obligation or obligations. An advertisement is considered as a mere invitation to do business and it is not an offer. An offeror is legally bound by the terms of the contract once his offer is accepted; while one who makes an invitation to treat is clearly free to accept (and thus form a contract) or to reject any offers that result from it, without any legal consequences.

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The use of complementary atlternative medicine (CAM) Research Paper

The use of complementary atlternative medicine (CAM) - Research Paper Example What we have seen with Mr. Cohen is his oxygen saturation varies with torso position, physical activity, and Albuterol treatments. In terms of torso position, Mr. Cohen tends to keep the head of bed up with helps keep fluid flow away from his solar plexus which helps him breath easier, but it cause lower back pain. Percocet helps relieve the pain. Sometimes, Mr. Cohen leans over his bedside table to assist his breathing by increasing pressure on his solar plexus region to augment pulmonary diffusion of oxygen. When he does this his lungs sounds clear but diminished on both sides. His oxygen saturation is 92% immediately following this behavior. Although physical activity tends to lower his oxygen saturation, it is necessary to assist the body in exchanging carbon dioxide and oxygen over the capillaries. A 60 foot walk to the nurses' station decreased oxygen saturation to 86%, but a few deep breaths increased it to 91% in a matter of moments. Likewise, the return 60 foot walk to his room decreased oxygen saturation to 87%, but a moment's rest increased it to 91%. Following the physical activity, Mr. Cohen took an Albuterol treatment to increase his oxygen saturation to 93%. Mr. Cohen is a 75 year old Jewish American with emphysema chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder. He was admitted for difficulty breathing.

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Discuss the costs and benefits of this change Essay

Discuss the costs and benefits of this change - Essay Example Peripheral growth is practically always at lower densities than urban cores, which simply means that cities tend to become less dense as they grow. According to the UN, it is projected that in two decades from now the world’ urban population will have risen to 60%, representing almost five billion people. The mega rise in the urbanization level is mostly visible in the growth of the biggest cities (ORGANISATION FOR ECONOMIC CO-OPERATION AND DEVELOPMENT 2005). Ironically, this process is on occasion accelerated by planning decision making. For example, the greenbelt movement in London that banned the extension of housing into the near the city’s periphery has resulted to a greater sprawl to far outside the principal urban area (PRASAD 2003). This has been the case since the 2nd World war thereby forcing commuters to travel longer distance and time to urban centers. Most of the world’s urban population and most of its largest cities are found in Asia, Africa and Latin America. The evolving urban form has also examined smaller urban areas. The dispersal pattern is evident there as well even in traditionally compact cities. For instance, Zurich has had all of its growth outside the core city since 1950. Low income cities such as Addis Ababa represents a pattern of urban expansion are not unlike that experienced in Cairo or Istabul (UNITED NATIONS HUMAN SETTLEMENTS PROGRAMME 2003). It is likely that urban centers will continue to expand as they grow larger, consistent with what might seems like the work of both market preferences and economic pressure for lower cost, more spacious housing. a growth of city is mainly driven by economic development and is characterized by a shift away from agrarian dominated economy to a more industrialized and service economy. Cities are sites of great prosperity and success in many areas, resulting to wealth creation and viable opportunities to many of

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Business Presention IP3 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 1

Business Presention IP3 - Essay Example Hence, there is a dire need for a distance education system that would allow these types of people to ease up the troubles of learning, while having more time for work and the family. After a brief backgrounder, I plan educate the audience of the objectives of the presentation and how ABC Corporation could benefit in investing in our company. The objectives of my presentation are the following: a) to briefly introduce Creative Learning Center; b) to emphasize the essence of a distance education system in today’s society; and c) how Creative Learning Center and ABC Corporation could bridge the education gap. Through these objectives, I hope that I could make an indelible impression on my audience about the need for a learning education system, the difference of Creative Learning Center among other distance education systems, and the importance and role of Creative Learning Center and ABC Corporation in the field of distance education system. Aside from doing all these through a PowerPoint presentation, I hope I could also use a video presentation interview, if time and opportunities permit, of those people who have benefited and look as e-learning as a very helpful tool in attaining one’s goals and objectives in life. The video presentation would also serve as first hand information and testament, proving the importance of this type of business venture in today’s restless modern society. During the presentation, I plan not to be too aggressive with my presentation. Instead, I would play the role, not of a businessman, but that of an individual, a father, a mother, a husband, and a wife, who sees the potential of this opportunity as a viable option in preparation for the future. With this image, I hope to relay to the CEOs and other executives of ABC Corporation of the need for such an educational system,

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Research tutoial Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Research tutoial - Essay Example Research on nursing usually falls mainly into two areas. These are qualitative research and quantitative research. Quantitative research has its basis on the paradigm of logical positivism, and it focuses on outcomes for clients which are measurable (Polit & Beck, 2010). These are generally statistics. On the other hand, qualitative research as its basis on grounded theory, phenomenology and ethnography among others (Polit & Beck, 2010). It takes into consideration of those involved in delivering the nursing care, putting more emphasis on the meaning which it holds for the individual. There are set guidelines, as well as procedures that assist the participants of nursing research to carry out an effective research. Embracement of these guidelines and procedures will help in protecting the participants as they carry out their research, as well as practice. Legal and ethical issues involve the requirements of participants on their daily work. It takes into consideration the protection of dignity with regard to the information publication in the research. Nevertheless, when nurses participate in any research, they have to put up with the society, nursing practices, and science (Sawatzky-Dickson & Clarke, 2008). The main legal and ethical issues during nursing research include informed consent, beneficence, respect for confidentiality and anonymity and respect for privacy. Informed consent is one of the main ethical issues in conducting nursing research. It is one of the means that enhance protection of the right of the patient to autonomy. It involves the ability for determination, with respect to a personal plan (Sawatzky-Dickson & Clarke, 2008). When it comes to beneficence, it includes professional mandate to carry out a significant and effective research for the purpose of serving and promoting the welfare of the constituents. This implies that the nurses should conduct their

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Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Criticisms of the Nineteenth Century Gender Essay

Elizabeth Cady Stanton's Criticisms of the Nineteenth Century Gender Order - Essay Example We live in a world where each day there arise new issues on gender. The most striking part is the role of women in the society as opposed to that of their male counterparts. In the 19th century, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and other women activists realized that being denied influential rights such as the right to vote while men were allowed to was oppressing women. It was argued that since women were attached to men through husbands and fathers, men could vote for them. Men were also the main decision makers and women were only to submit to what had been decided. One wonders how women’s needs could be catered for if they could not be allowed to vote. There are issues which are unique to women and need only women to address them and focus is placed on Elizabeth Cady Stanton, a woman who feared nothing to voice out the plight of women at a time when the cultural values in America restricted women from trying to challenge or be above men. The woman was simply to give birth and take c are of the children and the husband. This paper presents some of the criticisms that were made by Elizabeth Stanton such as issues to do with birth control, divorce and voting rights and shows how she fought to correct them. It analyses this issues in the current America to show that though some gender issues have been given attention and solved, others continue to emerge hence the need for continual review of the issues affecting women. The fight to gain women rights started and still goes on!!! Colin L. Powell once said that women rights are human rights hence failing to address issues affecting women implies failing to address the issues affecting the entire humanity.... As a result many of the challenges facing them were not addressed in the governments in place. Women were expected to respect the will of the men and therefore their choices. She felt that men only exercised tyrannical leadership towards women and never cared about their needs. The fact that women did not vote, according to her, was an implication that they were mute. That their plights could not be heard nor addressed. At one point she was furious to the point that she asked why the ignorant black men and immigrant men were allowed to vote while educated white women who were natives of America could not be allowed to vote. She felt the need to sensitize other women to fight for their rights to vote for these could be the only way in which their needs were to be addressed. They had to come together and with one voice demand for the rights that they had been denied for years. They had to be involved in political maters for this could enable them to be free from the frequent exploitati ons and dependence on men. This suggestion was obviously going to be met with a lot of resistance since it touched on some of the cultural values of the American society, which had been held by the American people for a long time. This is why Elizabeth Stanton and her female friend Susan B. Anthony did not see this dream they held come true up to their deaths. It took a long time for the American people, more especially men, to agree to the adoption of the ideas advocated by Stanton and other American feminists of the time. Stanton was also opposed to the idea the idea that men should have better and advanced education than women. This, she had experienced when her father

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Demand, utility, and marginality Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Demand, utility, and marginality - Essay Example Cumberland Farms stores are designed to meet the needs of middle-income urban and suburban individuals and families in the Eastern and Midwestern United States. Their main service is convenience, which is how they became a major chain of so-called convenience stores. While variety is necessarily limited by the size and marketing approach of each store,customers generally know what goods are carried and many basic needs can be met easily That convenience includes long hours,multiple locations, easy access to products, minimal checkout waiting time, and similar advantages to workers, retirees, students, commuters, travelers, etc. Their products are often priced below their competition, particularly those carrying the Cumberland Farms brand name. While variety is necessarily limited by the size and marketing approach of each store, customers generally know what goods are carried and many basic needs can be met easily by shopping at Cumberland Farms. The major factors affecting demand fo r Cumberland Farms` products are price;variety; hours and locations of stores; competition from other convenience stores gas stations, and supermarkets; customers ´ experiences dealing with stores; and various advertising and marketing techniques used to promote business. Within some limits, Cumberland Farms can and does respond to increased demand. For example, some products such as eggs and milk are essentially loss leaders and as the prices elsewhere for such items increase, Cumberland Farms raises its stock of these items and offers rain checks so customers can get the special prices later if the store runs out of such specials. Cumberland Farms also has some control over

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Consider East Africa and its extensive trade route. Why is it Essay

Consider East Africa and its extensive trade route. Why is it important What does it say about the impact of Africa in the world What does it say about ancient Africa Pick your one focus, go deep - Essay Example Aksum and the Swahili Coast were the first to be mentioned as the important trade regions. The coast of East Africa is a part of extensive trade networks throughout the Mediterranean Sea and Indian Ocean. Aksum was located in Eritrea and Ethiopia. It is remembered for its splendid stone monuments, gold coins, and elaborate palaces (Ade-Ajayi 80). In the sixth century, the Aksumite kings extended their empire to the southern Arabia. International trade developed in that region where markets were established in urban areas concentrated along the coast regions full of wealth and power. The merging of Arab, African and Indian peoples along the coast of East Africa produced Kiswahili language and Swahili culture. Ivory, gold and slaves were the goods that were traded globally along the Swahili coast. The negative effect of the existence of the East African trade route was the slave trade. The slave trade was conducted by both Europeans and Arabs. European slave traders came in the 17th century, taking the African slaves into the islands of America and Indian Ocean. The slave trade in Africa caused social disruptions among people, depopulation of certain regions, and increasing of violence, as a result, of firearms trade (Ade-Ajayi 85). The slave trade ended later resulted to a justification for European colonizing the East Africa. Europeans began exploring East Africa in the 15th century. Vasco de Gama and other Portuguese explorers started the connection between the Europe and African Coast that later lead to centuries of trade and domination of Africa by Europeans. Other explorers came later including Christian missionaries. When the slave trade was deemed as illegal, Europeans had engaged into other types of trade (Ade-Ajayi 89). The industrial revolution in Europe needed cheap raw materials for its factories in which East African colonies provided large quantities of agricultural goods,