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Terrorism Must Be Outlawed By All Civilized Nations

Kenzie Elliott Mr.Dunnaway EII- 3rd Hour 22 January 2016 Terrorism According to Elie Wiesel, Terrorism must be outlawed by all civilized nations - not explained or rationalized, but fought and eradicated. Nothing can, nothing will justify the murder of innocent people and helpless children. Terrorism has been a major concern for many people in all regions. Terrorism is often misinterpreted and for this reason it s key to understand the causes of terrorism, methods used, stereotyping, affected persons, and worldwide solutions. Being able to understand why terrorism has become one of the world s biggest problems is very important. The first issue that must be addressed is actually very simple; what exactly is defined as terrorism? In†¦show more content†¦Terrorism is used to prove their points by using a form of destruction, but has terrorism always been a big issue? Even in the past terrorism has been used in an attempt to gain control and power. The first few acts of terrorism were first recorded in the 14th century! The purposes early terrorism was used for mostly was based on religious purposes as well as a way to resist occupation. Because of the religious based purposes, the terrorism was seen as a religious act. One of the first groups of terrorists were known as the Zealots of Judea. Because the Zealots saw this as a religious act, they started to assassinate anyone that believed were unfaithful to the dictates of Judaism while living as a Roman subject (Terrorism). They realized how much attention it was getting them and their religious points across, but eventually they went even farther by committing mass suicide at the fortification of Masada (Terrorism). Terrorism continued as the decades went by, but in the 20th century it became a method that was used more frequently when in religious and war-like situations (Garrison). One of th e biggest cases of terrorism was the Holocaust. The Holocaust was an act of terrorism that left thousands of people scarred and dead. I would consider it an act of terrorism because one group of people punished another for not being alike and having the same views. Because of their differences, Jewish people

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Speech To Focus On Plans To Helpchildren free essay sample

, Poor Essay, Research Paper January 19, 1999 BY JUDITH HAVEMANN AND WALTER PINCUS WASHINGTON POST WASHINGTON # 8211 ; President Clinton will suggest in his State of the Union reference tonight a $ 1billion enlargement of the federal authorities # 8217 ; s attempts to assist the state # 8217 ; s most disadvantagedfamilies move from public assistance to work, White House functionaries said Monday. The functionaries said the enterprise will assist about 200,000 public assistance households get occupations. # 8220 ; Despite the tremendous advancement we have made in the last few old ages in traveling people from welfareto work, we need to do an excess attempt for the people still on the axial rotations because they will be thehardest to put, # 8221 ; said presidential advisor Bruce Reed. The enterprise is aimed at increasing employment of low-income, absent male parents of kids onwelfare, so they can pay child support and acquire involved in their kids # 8217 ; s lives. Many of thesefathers have prison records, and merely 30 per centum have held a occupation in the past twelvemonth, harmonizing to arecent survey. We will write a custom essay sample on Speech To Focus On Plans To Helpchildren or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Merely about 10 per centum to 15 per centum of kids on public aid receive any formalchild support from their absent parent. Clinton besides plans to suggest a revenue enhancement recognition of up to $ 500 per kid, age 1 or younger, to countervail costsfor parents who choose to remain place to care for their childs. The proposal is portion of a larger child carepackage that seeks $ 18 billion over five old ages to help working hapless and middle-class households. The disposal besides will suggest $ 1 billion over five old ages to better wellness attention for many ofthe state # 8217 ; s 32 million uni nsured grownups. The money would be used to promote community clinicsand infirmaries to work together to maintain path of patients and do certain they get needed intervention. Scheduled for bringing in the House chamber at 8 p.m. Chicago clip, shortly after his attorneies wrapup their first twenty-four hours of statements in the Senate impeachment test, Clinton # 8217 ; s address will non include asingle reference of the word impeachment, Plutos said. The president insisted on traveling in front with hisspeech, despite its awkward timing, to show that he is carry oning concern as usual even asthe Senate considers whether to take him from office. Among other domestic and foreign policy proposals previewed Monday by White House officialswere: * An enterprise to convey greater answerability to province and local school systems. Clinton will offer afive-point program to keep schools accountable for the $ 20 billion in federal educational disbursement theyreceive. The program would honor territories that make certain instructors are qualified in the topics they areassigned to learn, implement schoolroom subject, intervene to assist low-performing schools, endsocial publicity of pupils who have non mastered the stuff taught during the twelvemonth and issue # 8220 ; study cards # 8221 ; to parents on issues such as category size, teacher makings and pupil tonss. * A close doubling # 8211 ; to $ 4.2 billion # 8211 ; over the following five old ages of the U.S. plan assisting todismantle Russia # 8217 ; s aging atomic and biological arms, protect installations keeping atomic materialsand create unmilitary research undertakings for Moscow # 8217 ; s former arms builders.

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Key Features of Building a Sustainable HR-Free-Sample for Students

Question: Discuss about the role of HR in Creating Sustainable Organizations. Answer: Introduction The report includes the critical evaluation of 2 organizations are given in the case study. Out of these 2 hospitals, one hospital does not consist of HRM team who can take care of the human resource activities such as selection, recruitment, etc. the function of HR is regulated by the CEO and finance manager. As they are not expert in the practicing the HR activity they faced difficulties. On the other hand, the second hospital maintains an HR team which makes sure to manage HR planning and analysis for recruitment, selection, training, and development. The HRM include the management of the policies, practices, and processes. The report includes the activities that need to be taken by the company to improve the operations of HRM at the first hospital. Later on, it includes the management of sustainable HRM and its features. Human Resource Management HRM defined as a process of managing employees in an organization in a structured form to accomplish the strategic goals and objectives of a business. HRM includes the organizational strategies such as recruitment, selection, training, and development of the employees (Armstrong, Taylor, 2014). It plays an important role in maximizing employees performance towards the strategic objectives. Action Required to Improve HRM In the case study, the first hospital faced inconsistency difficulties in managing HR activities. CEO and Finance manager need to ensure that whatever policies and plans they are implementing should be in writing. The copy of the written document should have been shared with the employees with the clear instructions. So that in case any employee found guilty proper actions should be taken by the organization. The middle level and supervisory management try to maintain the policies and plans but this may lead to employees feel that are not equally treated. These thoughts not only made the employee leave the company but also impact the productivity of the employees. Considering this may also lead to the industrial disputes (Marchington, Wilkinson, Donnelly, Kynighou, 2016). To avoid that company need to enhance the team work and team bonding that will reduce the industrial disputes among the team members in an organization. The high level of staff grievances can be resolved by acknowledging the issue by one of the people for the same department. So that person can examine the facts and make decisions accordingly. Employees should be given a system to lodge a grievance confidently, so that they can make complaints without any pressure and they should be praised because of sharing problems in the form of grievances (Lengnick et al, 2011). For bringing a reduction in the absenteeism, CEO can conduct motivational sessions for the employees. This will encourage employees towards their work and responsibility. Reduction in absenteeism may enhance promotion opportunities for employees; will raise flexibility of work, enhance the opportunity for earning incentives, etc. the company can also provide benefit such as double pay to the employees for working on offs or on gadgets holidays. In the case study, one of the issues highlighted is Staff shortage, staff shortage is a leading problem and compulsory to be maintained by any organization. Staff shortage might occur because of the high retention rate of the employees in an organization. The management skills and working conditions of an organization need to be improved for retaining the staff. HR plays a vital role; by hiring skilled and experienced employees, company requirement for the skilled employees might be fulfilled (Reenen Bloom, 2011). Key features of building a sustainable HR capability Building sustainability in business is quite difficult due to a dynamic world. Sustainability defined as fulfilling the needs and demand of the customer without impacting the near future. HRM plays a vital role in establishing strategies that link a business with the human resource of a company. HR function is required to manage the business strategies, management process and for building a strong organizational structure. The CEO and the HR of the company are the architects of the organizational social culture (Abadesco, 2015). Below given are some of the features that help a company in building a sustainable HRM. Time-based strategy: - The policy which an HR needs to establish is; flexible timings to the employees, part time working times should be available. The time duration plays a major role in working conditions. Culture change strategies: - This strategy is related to the culture of the company, the manager needs to be trained to deal with the employees. So that employee's satisfaction can easily be achieved. The manager needs to understand the issues related to the work life. Service Strategy: - In this strategy company should provide some additional services such as emergency care, health and beauty programs, some outing programs, some coupons or gift voucher to employees, etc. Money based strategy: - The monetary benefits should be given to the employees such as incentives, vouchers, retirement benefits, paid sick leaves, etc. which enhance the morale of the employees and increase the productivity. Information based strategy: - Information policy includes the intranet and relocation assistance benefits, these benefits should be provided to the employees. Non-financial based strategy: - In this strategy the HR needs to make sure that they are providing non-financial benefits to the customers. The organization needs to maintain the policies related to the non-financial benefits. The non-financial benefits include competitive salary satisfaction, promotion, rewards and recognitions, health insurance, etc. (Cummings, Worley, 2014). These points show the strategy that can be implemented by the HR for smooth management of the employees and sustainability. Sustainable HR practice contains motivation to employees and training and development of the employees. There is needed to make the employees realize that organization will be able to provide job security (Benn, Dunphy, Griffiths, 2014). The health care sectors include highly knowledge intensive and service oriented entities. Hence, these kinds of industries require some set of HR activities and support. HR with their capabilities can bring knowledge, tactics, talent, etc. that create an opportunity for the company for building a competitive advantage for a company. Hence, maintain a HRM in an organization is must for the company (Wright, Mcmahan, 2011). Conclusion Each and every organization tries to maintain the gap between the organization function and the HRM function. In the case study, the hospital needs to maintain the gap between both organization and HRM function. HR contributes to the achievement and fulfillment of the organizational goals and objectives. The report shows the way through which the issues can be improved by the company. It also includes the strategies and policies that need to be implemented by the company for building a sustainable HRM capability. By adopting such policies and activities company may be able to retain the employees in an organization. This will also lead to a reduction in the inconsistency challenges of the company. References Abadesco, EV. (2015). Strategic HRM Building organisational capabilities, HR matters retrieved from Armstrong, M., Taylor, S. (2014). Armstrong's handbook of human resource management practice. Kogan Page Publishers. Benn, S., Dunphy, D., Griffiths, A. (2014). Organizational change for corporate sustainability. Routledge. Cummings, T. G., Worley, C. G. (2014). Organization development and change. Cengage learning. Lengnick-hall, C. Beck, T. Lengnick-hall, M. (2011). Developing a capacity for organizational resilience through strategic human resource management, Human Resource Management Review, 21(3), 243-255. Marchington, M., Wilkinson, A., Donnelly, R., Kynighou, A. (2016). Human resource management at work. Kogan Page Publishers. Reenen, J. Bloom, N. (2011). Human Resource Management and Productivity, Handbook of labor economics, 4, 1697-1767. Wright, P. Mcmahan, G. (2011). Exploring human capital: putting human back into strategic human resource management, Human resource management journal, 21(2), 93-104.