Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Essay - 3

Acquiring Business Communication Skills Necessary for Business Graduates - Essay Example Since the beginning of time, human beings have interacted by using various methods of communication such as verbal and nonverbal cues, in an effort to understand each other and cooperate through different tasks. Communication can be described as the process of imparting, participating and conveying information from one individual to another using an appropriate channel. Communication involves four elements, which include the sender, the message, the channel and the recipient. In the business world, managers and employees need to communicate effectively in order to work towards achieving the organisation’s goals and objectives (Cheesebro, Linda and Francisco 4). General communication skills refer to the basic communication competences that people use in the society or family settings. General communication skills are necessary for effective interaction with others in an informal context. They help individuals to understand people and situations, resolve conflicts, show affection, build trust and establish serene environments that promote healthy interaction. General communication skills include nonverbal communication skills and verbal communication skills (Worth 6). Verbal communication skills consist of speaking and listening skills. In various contexts, normal communication process mainly involves conversations where words are used to exchange of ideas, views and information. For the individuals involved to understand each other during a conversation, intelligible speech has to be made and the recipients need to listen in order to comprehend the message. Speaking skills involve articulating one’s words to be brief, clear and concise (Robinson, Jeanne and Robert). This helps the recipients to understand each word and process it to form meaning. One also needs to use the right tone and volume when speaking in order to show

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