Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Voltaire Essay -- essays research papers

Voltaire was a talented, assertive, and controversial French writer from the eighteenth century enlightenment period. He was born in 1694 to a wealthy family in Paris, and given the name Francois-Marie Arouet. During the early years of his life Voltaire endured many hardships. For instance, his mother passed away when he was seven leaving only his father and older brother to raise him. Unfortunately, this added insult to injury as Voltaire despised both his father and brother. Nevertheless, Voltaire's determination allowed him to rise above his early misfortunes, and he later went on to pursue college at the College of Louis-le-Grand in Paris. Once there he studied literature, despite his father's wishes that he pursue a carreer in law. It was during this stretch of the young writer's life he first voiced his oppositions on the established church and government in France. By the young age of twenty two Voltaire was exhiled to Sully-sur-Loire for writing a satire of the Duke of Orleans, the ruling regent of France. Voltaire's bouts with those in power continued throughout most his life. In fact, he was subject to brief spells in prison on more than one occasion for aggrevating the reigning Monarch. Despite French governmental attempts to deter or imprison him, Voltaire went on to become an exeptional philosopher, author, and leading figure of the enlightenment The overall message of "Candide" is that every human being has the p...

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