Thursday, September 26, 2019

None Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words - 2

None - Assignment Example Many people believe that a hero is a person with extraordinary skills that tend to be slightly higher than the ordinary people. This is a perception that has killed many dreams, as people are not confident of their efforts and ability to respond to certain tasks. As per my perception, a hero is a persistent and determine person. Actually, anyone is possession of the two attributes is fit to be called a hero in any societal setting. This is because heroes are always determined and persistent towards achieving their goals despite the challenges that they face. The success of most politicians has always depended on various things including excellent communication skills, political background and influence from the ruling government. It has been proven that several successful political leaders have entirely relied on the support they have from the ruling government to cling into power. However, it is essential to appreciate that excellent communication skills plays an important role in an individual’s political success. For instance, a political aspirant whose main intention is to create change within the society should be capable of influencing his supporters through good communication. Over the past years, there have been numerous opposing views concerning president Barrack Obama’s political achievements. Many people believe that he is not a politician by nature, but rather a good public speaker. The paper will try and validate the hypothesis that United States’ president, Barrack Obama, used his communication skills to accomplish his political dream. This study is essential because it will provide rational answers to the opposing views hence people will have a viable platform to defend their opinions. Voters will also use this information to address the problem of leadership vacuum in their countries by only supporting politicians who can efficiently present their problems to the government through excellent communication. According to

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