Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Reflective Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 3000 words

Reflective - Essay Example The goal of the essay is reflecting on the learning experience in totality which will make me a comprehensively better practitioner. The nursing reflection in this case will be classified as a tool for importance in elemental learning. In its exclusion, it cannot be entirely expected to develop my clinical practice as I go into the previous situation which I gain the diversely relevant insights for ways in which approaching certain situations again is appropriate. Moreover, the effective form of learning does not overly occur in exclusion of reflection (Jasper 210). The initial comparison I will focus on making regards to neurological assessments. The physiotherapy assessments need to be clear logical processes of ensuring that findings for which there are both transferable and complete skills to others (Wheeler 28). For the placements, I sought to complete at least four comprehensive assessments on my own hence completing the concise objective and subjective investigations. In one o f the wards, I was expected to correctly complete such assessments while writing them up concisely and the feedback I got was that I had not reasoned clinically enough across the objective process that would later relay on the part of the treatment. From Florence Nightingale to the modern day form of nursing, it is inevitable to consider an escape for which nurses have while faced with challenges of being in a position of having a critical impact to the delivery and management of care. Such challenges continue changing across the years even though there is various factors which have insured that, all aspects ranging from the government level all the way to the ground work force coupled with the challenges are well managed and have a positive on change (Hendrick 201). This is based on the advanced of education in terms of having individuals wanting to implement such changes in place. In the long run, Florence was in a position of implementing changes while articulating and having the education of arguing the need for such changes with evidence and facts, across all levels. For today’s world, more pressure is towards nurses in delivering and managing total individualistic care for the ever fluctuating economic climates coupled with the role of nurses in going above and beyond the expectations of previous practice in cases where the wards could be ran by matriarchal matrons (Howatson-Jones 29). They passed their orders to the ‘sisters’ who later enforced them in the ward. The modern day nurses have become rather qualified autonomous professionals towards delivering care that also encompasses the fundamentals, evidence based theory, health promotion, intuition, interdisciplinary working, ethical practice, advocacy, self awareness, autonomy as well as legal frameworks. For this reason, it is through the clarity of the placement experiences for which there are various hours in a given shift for which nurses are able to provide the fundamental car e, liaise with doctors, referrals, observations, social workers, dressing changes, family members while other healthcare professionals as well as the patient themselves are able to include advocacy. For purposes of being in a position of doing this in an effective manner, I understand that nurses need to be skilled

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